Don't get scammed! This is your best source of financial advice.
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Years of seeing the real thing at your service

Are you tired of feeling that everyone just wants to use you to make money?


I have been there. We all have been there. Every time that we want to hire some service, buy a product or make a deal, we have the feeling that the other person wants to take advantage of us. The big corporations and the financial offices with secret agendas never tell you the truth: they tell you what they want you to believe, so you will become their client and they will get a slice as big as it gets. 


It is sad, but this is how the world works now. Companies that are big and powerful have gotten to where they are now because they priorized money over people. The other ones, the little ones, that are half-hidden, in the shadows of the big corporations, are the ones who see the world in a different way. Groups and offices with lesser names are still looking to actually serve people and improve their lifestyles. They want to offer a service of actual good quality. They won't lie to their customers and they won't overcharge them, because their goal is not to make money at the expense of the convenience of their clients.


Who I am


My name is Tim Harris. I am a financial advisor focused and specialised in equity release. I have over 25 years of experience in the real estate market, so I know how it really works. I have seen everything, incluiding the little, not so comfortable detalis that most real estate agents would not like you to find out about. I know about its most common traps and lies, and about the uncommon ones too.


I invite you to meet me at my office to confirm my words. I am offering all of my knowledge and experience to you. If you trust me, I will go by your side throughout the process of choosing and scheduling an equity release plan. Don't let fear of being scammed or loosing your home stop you from increasing your life quality today. It is possible, you just need the right guide.


My ideas


I am convinced that the only service that should ever be provided, whether in this field or any other field in the market, must be honest, transparent and people-oriented, from beginning to end. I have been myself mistreated as a real estate agent and I have also been instructed to lie to people and to convince them to take deals that were not really convenient for them, but for my bosses. I am done with that, I have been for very long.


Here, you will find the best advice. No small print, no surprise fees. I have friends in the market of equity release, I have selected the best of them, the worthy ones. I will connect you with them and get some special offers for you - friend's offers. You should not waste this opportunity. Don't put your property in the hands of companies that do not really care about you. Let me tell you ones from the others. I have been in the market for so long and I have seen so many things I disagree with, that now I am willing to make a change myself. 

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Some of my clients

Theresa Utterson

"I have fallen in love with Tim. He is so charming and nice as a man, and also a powerful advisor in finances. He was so clear to me and so honest."

Walter Rogers

"Tim Harris is a man of word. I have worked with finances in my youth and I know that this market is a pool of sharks. He is different. I have a very good impression of him."

Yolanda Hamilton

"We were not sure about getting involved in equity release because we were afraid that we would get scammed. I am so happy that we met Tim. He was great for us. Life is just so much better now."
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Don't get scammed! This is your best source of financial advice.
Don't get scammed! This is your best source of financial advice.
Don't get scammed! This is your best source of financial advice.